How Technology Is Changing the Accounting and Bookkeeping Industry


It’s hard to imagine a world without technology. The evolution of technology has greatly changed the accounting profession in one way or the other and this has made wok easy for bookkeepers and accountants. All the bookkeepers Melbourne use technology to handle their services and most of them like this kind of technology since it has shaped the accounting and the bookkeeping industry. The work of accountants has been made easy because they now have access to the new software which makes their wok easy and faster. We are living in a modern world and therefore those planning to study the accounting or the bookkeeping course should be ready to know the kind of technology used here. Here are some of the ways in which technology has changed the accounting and the bookkeeping industry.

Technology has reduced manual work

Gone are the days where the accountants and the bookkeepers used pens, calculators and papers in doing their work. This old methods gave accountants and bookkeepers hard time because they found it hard to ensure that the ledgers and all the accounting books balance. The use of software technology has greatly improved the accounting and the bookkeeping industry.

Added value from accountants and bookkeepers

The new technology has made it easy to save time because an accountant or a bookkeeper is able import and export data from or to a bank account without necessarily having to go to a bank. Due to this technology less time is spent when it comes to basic data entry. This is very important to the accountants and also the bookkeepers because they are able to give their clients advice and more strategies. They are also able to help their clients plan well for the future. Watch this.

Cloud computing

Technology has made it easy for the accountants to store their confidential information safe so that unauthorized persons cannot be able to reach the information. Cloud computing is spreading very fast and this is also threatening the security of vital information. The productivity of the cloud has been praised by many accountants and bookkeepers because it is said to be easy to use and information cannot be easily accessed by unauthorized persons.

Big Data

In the past it was very hard to store big data in books as it needed a lot of time and resources. Nowadays things have been made easy and cheaper because you can now be able to store large data in computers and other storing devices. A computer has the ability to analyze big data and also show patterns and trends that are mainly related to human behavior and interactions. When large amounts of data are stored in a good place it is easy for the accountants and the bookkeepers to assist their clients in making strategic decisions.

Last but not least technology has greatly positive impact on the accounting and bookkeeping industry because it is easy to store accounting information and also retrieve in an easy way. The use of accounting software has made accounting and bookkeeping easy. For more information visit